Things that Go! Collection of 5


Enjoy this curated selection of our favorite transportation-themed titles, full of fire trucks and tractors and snow plows! Inspired by the perennial family favorite Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, this collection highlights the full diversity of four-wheeled friends while underscoring the value of hard work, imagination, and the spirit of adventure.

Fire Fuego Brave Bomberos: Four brave firefighters respond to a house fire in their neighborhood, complete with fire poles, red fire trucks, and water hoses! Peppered with Spanish vocabulary throughout, this celebration of bravery and community service is sure to be a new family favorite.

All of the Factors Why I Like Tractors: After asking to borrow a book on tractors for the upteenth time at the local library, Frankie happily shares with his mother a long list of all of the factors why he loves tractors in this adorably illustrated and engaging story.

Good Morning Snowplow: Beautiful illustrations and melodic rhymes bring this story of a snowplow on a snowy night vividly to life, with key reminders about safety along the way!

Monkey on the Run: A baby monkey and his dad sit in standstill traffic, until the baby monkey gets a little impatient and opts to make his own way! Told without words, these full-page illustrations of our monkey hero encountering fire engines, getaway cars, aquarium buses, and food trucks is sure to delight your kids.

Little Fox and the Wild Imagination:  This is the story of Little Fox and one VERY BIG imagination.  It is a tale of bath time, and bedtime, and the battle in between, involving race cars and rockets ships and food trucks. It’s riotous fun, and sure to delight children and parents alike.