The Creative Type - Collection of 5


For lovers of “why?” and “how?” and “what if?” Spark your child’s creativity and sense of wonder with stories of scientists, architects, and dreamers of all kinds! 

Ada Twist, Scientist: A modern classic, STEM Edition! Ada Marie Twist is endlessly curious and always asking questions, while leaving a fair bit of chaos in her wake! An essential part of your family's library for all aspiring scientists, especially your girls.

A Way with Wild Things:  Poppy feels perfectly at home in her garden among the flowers and dragonflies, but rather out of her element in large groups. Featuring quirky and engaging illustrations, kids will love this thought-provoking story about the quieter traits--patience, empathy, and wonder--that we too often overlook.

Boxitects: Meg is a brilliant boxitect who earns praise from her teachers and classmates for her box-based architectural marvels. But when Meg is paired with Simone, a rival boxitect, for the boxitect challenge, they learn how to work together to lift each other up in this adorably illustrated story.

If I Built a School: Hovercraft desks, skydiving wind tunnels, and a zoo? Get your kids' imaginations whirring with this utterly charming depiction of our hero's dream school.

The Word Collector: For your young loquacious logophiles! Jerome, a collector of words of all kinds, discovers the power of words to understand and be understood in this beautiful story.