Sweet Dreams Collection of 5


The perfect answer to “just one more book please!” The literary equivalent of a warm glass of milk while counting sheep, these stories help take the tempo down a notch to lull your little one off to sleep. Never fear, there will be more reading tomorrow!

The Nice Dream Truck: Sample sweet dreams of all kinds aboard the Nice Dream Truck, powered by moonbeams and full of magical sprinkles. Reminding kids there are as many ways to dream as ice cream flavors to try, this is sure to be a new bedtime classic.

Rain Before Rainbows: Three words: drop dead gorgeous. Watch your child’s eyes widen as you turn the pages of this stunningly illustrated story about overcoming adversity and keeping the faith. 

Tomorrow Most Likely: A captivating story about finding the beauty in the ordinary, embracing uncertainty, and reminding children they make the world a more special place. 

Venetian Lullaby: Cultivate your child’s wanderlust with this beautifully illustrated book. Drift through the canals on a gondola as this story transports you and your child to Venice, floating amidst St. Mark’s lions, Venetian masks, and dragonflies flying through a starry night sky.

I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams: Kids will marvel at the gorgeous illustrations in this beautiful story about the unbreakable bond between parent and child through space and time. Warning: Parents may cry a single tear.