Modern Nursery Classics - Collection of 5


Our first Sweet Dreams Collection has been so popular, we needed a second!  This collection is a warm embrace of soon-to-be family classics !  Featuring loads of lovely animals friends, welcoming family members and even a red carpet, this is a great gift for a new baby! 

If You Come to EarthWritten as a guidebook for an extraterrestrial visitor, this lovely book explains what they can expect to find on our beautiful and complicated planet: homes and schools and animals and music and colors and language. Full of homages to favorite classic picture books and real children around the world, this is sure to be a new family favorite.

You are a Beautiful BeginningIt is not creating a masterpiece, it is finding the courage to start! Kids will adore this stunningly-illustrated book, full of flowers and meadows and woodland creatures, that muses on humility, friendship, tolerance, and being kind to others and ourselves!

Welcome to the Party! The guest of honor has arrived! A new mom welcomes her precious baby to the party that never stops in this beautiful book about family, love, and celebrating every new baby's arrival to the world.

Sweetest KuluNew baby Kulu is visited by Arctic creatures great and small, from beluga whales to caribou, in this beautiful Inuit story about respecting animals and learning from nature.

You Belong HereJust as the frogs belong in the lilypond and the whales belong in the sea, your little ones belong right there with you! Gorgeously rendered through rhyme and award-winning illustrations, kids will nestle up as you read them this classic bedtime story about feeling safe and loved.