Superworm + The Very True Legend of the Mongolian Death Worms


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Who knew worms could be so much fun!  Children ages two to five will delight in these laugh-out-loud delights! 


Superworm: We adore this wildly creative rhyming wonder!  The amazing Superworm is beloved by his garden friends for his kindness and daring rescues. When Superworm is kidnapped by an evil lizard, many friends, including grasshoppers, snails, and honeybees, hatch a plan to save their buddy.  Quite simply a delight.

The Very True Story of the Mongolian Death Worms:  Legend has it that deep in the Gobi Desert live giant poisonous worms with razor sharp teeth and blood-red skin. All the animals are terrified of these creatures, but this charming death worm family (Beverly, Trevor, Neville and Kevin) is determined to change hearts and minds.  Zany and hilarious.