Summer Joy! - August 2021 Collection of 5


As our summer winds to a close, I wanted this month’s collection to burst with joy and inspire your kids to seize these final moments of warm weather adventures with the people they love. From zoos to pools, from Parisian parks to the great outdoors, this collection has it all. And at the center of each, your kids will find a celebration of family, community, and friends. 

Oliver’s Lollipop: Oliver is so fixated on his special birthday lollipop that he barely notices all of the amazing things to see at the zoo. Kids will love this stunningly illustrated story about living in the moment with the people we love.

Cannonball: Our hero dreams of executing the perfect cannonball, but always seems to come up short in this import from New Zealand. Kids will be cannonballing off the bed during this wonderful summertime story about learning to listen to the voice inside and being exactly who you are!

Maybe Something Beautiful: Mira shares her artistic talents with her community, gradually transforming her gray city into something beautiful with the help of friends and family. Kids will be inspired to pick up their own paintbrushes in this beautifully illustrated story about the power of art to bring joy.

Gaston: Gaston, a petit French bulldog, loves his poodle sisters Fifi, Foofoo, and Oohlala, but can't help noticing he doesn't quite fit in with his family. A celebration of all things French and the families we choose, this is sure to be a new family favorite. Use of a French accent is highly encouraged.

Explorers of the Wild: Kids will want to climb inside this book! A boy and a bear cub, both explorers at heart, form an unlikely friendship and embark on a grand adventure through forests and mountains, reminding us that explorations are always more fun when you have someone to share them with.