Summer Adventures! - Collection of 5


Our collection comes beautifully packaged in our signature blue Lion & Dragonfly box to make a perfect gift.

And remember - our books give back! For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community. 

This collection bursts with joy and inspires your kids to dream of warm weather adventures with the people they love. From zoos to the great outdoors, this collection has it all. And at the center of each, your kids will find a celebration of family, community, and friends.

Oliver’s Lollipop: Oliver is so fixated on his special birthday lollipop that he barely notices all of the amazing things to see at the zoo. Kids will love this stunningly illustrated story about living in the moment with the people we love.


Wonder Walkers: This book is quite simply magical. Two curious kids embark on a "wonder walk," as they let their imaginations soar and look at the world in a whole new light. They wonder about everything they see: Is the sun the world's light bulb? Is dirt the world's skin? Are rivers the earth's veins? Is the wind the world breathing? I wonder . . . Young readers will wonder too, as they ponder these gorgeous pages and make all kinds of new connections

And The Came Summer: A sun-drenched ode to the joys of summer. A celebration of lemonade stands and summer camping and freshly mown lawns. This lovely book has us dreaming of summer vacation, and is sure to be a beloved addition to your child’s library.

Swashby and the Sea: Curmudgeonly Mr. Swashby’s life is turned upside down when his serene beach is invaded by a bubbly girl and her granny in this adorable story about embracing change and saying yes to new friends.

Paletero Man: Paletas for one, paletas for all! Our hero heads out to find the paletero man for an icy sweet treat on the hottest day of the year. Kids' mouths will be watering for paletas of their own in this vividly illustrated story about generosity and community.