Princesses and Unicorns - Collection of 3


In this collection of stories, our princesses fight evil and fix rocket ships, while unicorns bring endless joy. Teaching us that we can be both beautiful and ambitious, both substantive and stylish, this collection is sure to be a fixture in your family’s reading library.

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink: Princesses play sports and get muddy and use power tools and fight evil sorcerers, all while wearing sparkly crowns, in this modern classic of female empowerment.

Interstellar Cinderella: Just the best. A fresh, feminist retelling of the classic tale, this Cinderella studies rocketry in the spare time, fixes the prince’s rocket ship, and leaves her socket wrench behind instead of a glass slipper. Spoiler, this book does not end with a royal wedding.

Margaret’s Unicorn: The operative word here is enchanting. Margaret moves with her family to a little cottage in the Scottish highlands, where she finds a lost baby unicorn.  Kids will love this gorgeously illustrated tale about love, new homes, and goodbyes.