Poe and Lars + The Littlest Yak


Our collection comes beautifully packaged to make a perfect gift.

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This pair of delightful, snowy stories make a perfect birthday gift for two, three and four year olds!

Poe and Lars by Kashelle Gourley and Illustrated by Skylar Hogan: Although Poe enjoys her life in the Arctic, she longs for company. So everything changes one day when Lars, a grumpy and hungry polar bear who is quite the poor hunter, crashes into her home, destroying it. Poe offers to bring him food and, in exchange, Lars must repair her home. Will Lars deliver on his end of the bargain, or does he see something else on the menu? Kids will love this hilarious and brilliantly illustrated tale about an unconventional friendship!

The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Illustrated by Kate Hindley:  An adorable little yak yearns for BIG things in this rollicking, rhyming picture book that celebrates individuality, unique talents, and the importance of not growing up too fast.