Pirates and Sailing Ships - Collection of 5


Enjoy this curated selection of our favorite pirate and nautical-themed titles! This collection teems with voyages of all kinds, reflecting on the power of adventure to build confidence, make new friends, and even say goodbye to someone we love. Ahoy mateys and bon voyage!

The Antlered Ship: An inquisitive fox named Marco and a gallant crew of woodland creatures set sail on an antlered ship, each in search of something different. Stunningly illustrated and elegantly presented, this thought-provoking story about the power of friendship and adventure will be a new bedtime favorite.

My First Day: Set on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, this stunningly illustrated story tells the story of a little boy’s first solo journey to the first day of school—in his own little boat! Kids will marvel at the waves and rainforests and schools of colorful fish, while musing that we always have more to learn.

The Pirates Next Door: Matilda is overjoyed when the Jolley-Rogers, a pirate family, move in next door--but not everyone is so thrilled in their sleepy seaside town! Kids will love this rhyming story, full of pirate vocabulary and puns, about the power of tolerance.

The Fort: A prince and a pirate have irreconcilable visions for their fort, until they start to see the possibility of a different kind of adventure. Pique your child’s imaginative spirit with this charmingly illustrated story on resolving differences and having fun in the process!

Grandad’s Island: Syd and his grandad sail away to a beautiful tropical island, full of macaws and waterfalls and fun—until Sad learns his grandad wants to stay. A subtle reflection on losing a loved one, this beautiful story should be a staple in every family’s library.