Animal Love!


 Our collection comes beautifully packaged in our signature blue Lion & Dragonfly box to make a perfect gift.

And remember - our books give back! For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community. 

Calling all creatures, great and small! Your child will adore spending storytime with their furry, blubbery, and eight-legged friends in this literary menagerie.


The Bear Came Back: Our hero is pestered by a very adorable and persistent bear who just keeps coming back, until one day he doesn't, in this sweet and funny story of unexpected friends and belated hospitality. 

Library Lion: The inspiration for (half of) our company's name! This simple and elegant story gently muses that, sometimes, it's okay to break the rules. A must-have in every family's collection--when we talk about modern classics at Lion and Dragonfly, this is what we mean.

Lottie and Walter: Lottie is convinced beyond all doubt that a shark lurks in her neighborhood swimming pool, until she befriends a singing walrus named Walter who helps her face her fears! Kids will adore this sweet, delightfully-illustrated story about unlikely friends who are there for us when we need them.