Hispanic History Celebration - 5


We tapped into a bit of Latinx joy to celebrate Hispanic History Month.  This collection includes stories of paletas and bustling markets, brave fire-fighters, forever homes and remarkable names.  We hope you love them all! 

Alma and How She Got her Name: A little girl--Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela--learns about the family members who inspired her name in this beautiful dedication to family, legacy, and the paths we chart for ourselves.

Paletero Man: Paletas for one, paletas for all! Our hero heads out to find the paletero man for an icy sweet treat on the hottest day of the year. Kids' mouths will be watering for paletas of their own in this vividly illustrated story about generosity and community. 

A Song of Frutas: This book is a glorious hug made of words.  Our heroine shares memories of the days she spends with her abuelo in the markets of Havana amidst glorious music and delicious food in this joyfully illustrated story.

Fire! Fuego! Brave Bomberos: Four brave firefighters respond to a house fire in their neighborhood, complete with fire poles, red fire trucks, and water hoses! Peppered with Spanish vocabulary throughout, this celebration of bravery and community service is sure to be a new family favorite. 

Brick by Brick: Our hero Luis tells us all about his Papi, a bricklayer, in this stunningly-illustrated celebration of hard work and a family's dreams for the future.