Halloween! - Collection of 5


I hope you enjoy this curated selection of our favorite Halloween-themed titles, brimming with pumpkins and ghosts and baby vampires! This heartwarming collection of Halloween-themed favorites will get your family in the mood for a little bit of mischief! Trick or treat! 

Pick a Pumpkin: Take a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin for carving your jack-o'-lantern in this Halloween classic. Hot cider and toffee apples are highly recommended as reading time snacks. 

Gustavo the Shy Ghost: In an effort to overcome his shyness, Gustavo the Ghost invites all of the neighborhood monsters to his violin concert on the Day of the Dead. But what if no one shows up? Kids will love this sweet story about stepping outside your comfort zone and letting the world see just how special you are!

Sir Simon, Super-Scarer: Simon, a highly successful ghost, is promoted to haunt his first house with hilarious and heartwarming results! Hysterical, irreverent, and surprisingly poignant, this multi-layered story transcends the Halloween genre into something your kids will want to return to over and over again.

Hardly Haunted: A lonely, slightly haunted house tries to behave herself to entice a family to move in. This onomatopoeia-filled book begs to be read aloud with dramatic squeaks, creaks, and howls!

Vampenguin: On a vampire family's trip to the zoo, Baby Dracula switches places with Baby Penguin while their parents' backs are turned, and hilarity ensues! Kids will adore this charming tale of misadventure and mistaken identity!