Food Truck Fest + Big Truck, Little Island


Our collection comes beautifully packaged to make a perfect gift.

And remember - our books give back! For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community. 

A pair of rhyming treasures for the truck-lovers in your life!  These would make a great gift for two to five year-olds!

Food Truck Fest: Falafel and waffles and kimchi tacos, oh my!  This adorable rhyming wonder is a yummy delight! Your kid’s mouth will be watering during their visit to the Food Truck Fest!

Big Truck, Little Island:  That big truck is stuck! How will the island residents get where they’re going?  A whimsical rhyming tale of community and ingenuity, inspired by a true story.