Fall and Thanksgiving - Collection of 5


Fall and Thanksgiving - Don’t tell Christmas, but Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday at Lion & Dragonfly - the combination of food and family and gratitude never fails to bring us joy.  We put together a collection that combines all things fall with parades and pie.  A perfect selection for sweater weather.

Peyton Picks the Perfect PieChess pie, Mississippi mud pie, Boston cream pie, oh my!  “Picky eater” Peyton is determined to sample an adventurous array of delicious options at a large and loving Thanksgiving celebration. Your children will love this beautifully illustrated and refreshingly modern celebration of food and family!

Balloons Over Broadway This joyous book tells the true story of puppeteer extraordinaire Tony Sarg, who created the first helium balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It’s a history lesson, inventor's sketchbook, and inspirational story all rolled into one delightful mixed-media masterpiece! 

Fall Mixed UpYour children will delight in this zany rhyming romp through familiar autumnal activities and elements.  The text and whimsical watercolor art include mixed-up scenarios of leaves flying upward, geese hibernating, and squirrels flying south. It’s a guaranteed “read it again!” bedtime classic. 

 The Leaf ThiefSquirrel's wildly dramatic and misguided reaction to the changing season will delight young readers. With vibrant artwork and charming characters, this book is a wonderful exploration of change and the anxiety that change can cause.

The Scarecrow This is a gorgeous and poignant story about a scarecrow, a baby crow, and the special connection they share.  An essential addition to any picture book collection, this story is an emotionally impactful exploration of love and loneliness.