Spring Board Books


Our collection comes beautifully packaged in our signature blue Lion & Dragonfly box to make a perfect gift.

And remember - our books give back!  For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community! 

This board book collection would be perfect for Easter baskets!

Rain!: Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person? In this endearing story, a little boy and an older gentleman have divergent reactions to a very rainy day. Kids will adore this story about helping people find joy, even on a soggy day!

Planting a Rainbow: Calling all floriculturists! Kids will be inspired to plant their own flower gardens after reading this beautifully-illustrated story, resplendent with blue hyacinth, orange tiger lilies, and purple pansies. 

Hello World Garden Time: This how-to guide teaches kids to grow their very own gardens, at home, on a balcony, or at school, through detailed instructions and gorgeous, engaging illustrations. Perfect for your budding green thumb!