Dresses and Daydreams - Collection of 3


Our collection comes beautifully packaged in our signature blue Lion & Dragonfly box to make a perfect gift.

And remember - our books give back! For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community. 

Dream a little dream of dresses, colors, and the women who make them their own. This collection brims with the elegance of two strong women who changed movies in different ways, and the love of mothers and daughters who make their dreams come true. Throw on your favorite dress—pink polka dots are highly encouraged—and read away!

This collection would likely most appeal to four year-olds and older. 

I Had a Favorite DressA celebration of upcycling! When our heroine's favorite dress gets a little too short, she and her mom turn it into something even better, again and again and again. Kids will love this beautifully illustrated story about breathing new life into our most treasured possessions.

Little Audrey's DaydreamFor your tiny My Fair Lady in training! Kids will be mesmerized by this gorgeously illustrated biographical picture book about the life of acclaimed actress, style icon, and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. Cue up Moon River and enjoy!

Pocketful of ColorsKids will marvel at the inspiring true story of Mary Blair, one of the first female artists hired by Walt Disney Studios, who pioneered the use of color in animation, advertising, and amusement park rides. It's feminism meets all the colors of the rainbow!