Dreamers & Creators - Collection of 3


For lovers of “why?” and “how?” and “what if?” Spark your child’s creativity and sense of wonder with stories of scientists, architects, and dreamers of all kinds! 

Ada Twist, Scientist: A modern classic, STEM Edition! Ada Marie Twist is endlessly curious and always asking questions, while leaving a fair bit of chaos in her wake! An essential part of your family's library for all aspiring scientists, especially your girls.

Boxitects: Meg is a brilliant boxitect who earns praise from her teachers and classmates for her box-based architectural marvels. But when Meg is paired with Simone, a rival boxitect, for the boxitect challenge, they learn how to work together to lift each other up in this adorably illustrated story.

If I Built a School: Hovercraft desks, skydiving windtunnels, and a zoo? Get your kids' imaginations whirring with this utterly charming depiction of our hero's dream school.