Cozy Bedtime Stories - Collection of 3


Our latest finds in the quest to bring the coziest bedtime stories our favorite little readers.  

We Are All Under One Wide Sky: A beautifully illustrated counting book on a world tour. Under "one wide sky", we visit children in France, India, Afghanistan, and the Netherlands. The joy of every child shines through as they play and romp through nature.

The Stack: We adore this story!! Luna begins her stack with a single chair. But it's not quite tall enough. So she adds an increasingly wacky set of items - (to include a pirate ship!) and then climbs and stretches just so, she is able to reach into the sky for just what she wants: a star of her own to use as a night-light!

Crocodiles Need Kisses Too: Fun-to-read-aloud, rhyming text describes prickly porcupines, roaring tigers, and slithery snakes--not the most cuddly creatures, but still worthy of hugs and snuggles from their mamas!