Fall and Thanksgiving - Collection of 3


Don’t tell Christmas, but Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday at Lion & Dragonfly - the combination of food and family and gratitude never fails to bring us joy.  We put together a collection that combines all things fall with parades and pie.  A perfect selection for sweater weather!

Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie - Chess pie, Mississippi mud pie, Boston cream pies, oh my!  “Picky eater” Peyton is determined to sample an adventurous array of delicious options at a large and  loving Thanksgiving celebration. This beautifully illustrated story is a refreshingly modern celebration of food and family your children will love!

Balloons Over Broadway - This joyous book tells the true story of puppeteer extraordinaire Tony Sarg, who created the first helium balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It’s a history lesson, inventor's sketchbook, and inspirational story all rolled into one delightful mixed-media masterpiece your children will adore. 


The Scarecrow - This is a gorgeous and poignant story about a scarecrow,  a baby crow, and the special connection they share.  An essential fall element to any picture book collection, this story is an emotionally impactful exploration of love and loneliness.