Dinosaur Delights - Collection of 3


For your budding future paleontologist! It is a truth universally acknowledged that all kids of all ages love dinosaurs. Nothing says bedtime like the friendly brontosaurus, the terrifying T. Rex, and the fossil record! 

If I Had a Dinosaur: Our heroine muses the ins and outs of having a dinosaur as a pet, including feeding him broccoli and drinking water from a swimming pool, in this utterly charming story. 

The Girl and the Dinosaur: Simply put, this book is enchanting. In a picturesque town by the seaside, Marianne wishes for her dinosaur to come to life, beginning a thrilling journey through ocean and forests and sky to a land of children and the creatures they dream of. It’s paleontology meets Peter Pan! 

Dinosaur Bob: William Joyce’s iconic illustrations bring the story of the Lazardo Family and their adopted pet Dinosaur Bob to life in this bedtime classic. Who knew dinosaurs were so good at baseball?