Animal Favorites - Summer 2022 - Collection of 5


Our collection comes beautifully packaged in our signature blue Lion & Dragonfly box to make a perfect gift.

And remember - our books give back! For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community. 

We are in love with the latest crop of delightful tales featuring furry and feathered and scaled friends!

A Mouthful of Minnows: Alphonso the alligator snapping turtle can’t wait for breakfast. But what if his breakfast is too likable and friendly to eat? A Mouthful of Minnows is a humorous picture book about patience, generosity, friendship, and empathy.

There's a Lion in the Forest: Take an adventure to the Amazon is this rhyming delight. Everyone knows there are no lions in the forests of South America . . . or are there? Join the capybaras, coatis and toucans as they unravel the sweetly suspenseful mystery.

Lost and Found: The wood mouse and the rabbit find a rag doll in the woods. Nothing about it is familiar: it doesn't smell like the fresh air of spring or feel like the rough bark of a tree. As the group of animals grows and searches for a clue to where the doll came from, they encounter more mysteries—and discover the little girl who it belongs to. Sweet and timeless.

Mole in a Black and White Hole: Mole discovers there is a world beyond his black and white hole in this imaginative, unusual and charming tale about searching for beauty and light in the world around us.

Mel Fell: A brave baby bird decides that today is the day she will learn to fly! Kids will love turning the book upside down and right side up as we follow Mel's initial descent and ultimate return to her nest in this charming, gorgeous story about building confidence.