A World of Wonders: Collection of 3


Wonder is everywhere! This trio of fantastic stories helps you imagine how the world adds up, and takes you from the beaches of Zanzibar to a remote lake that disappears in Ireland.  

We are One: How the World Adds Up: Math meets philosophy as numbers are seen through a unique and thought provoking lens. Textured and whimsical, this is the sort of layered book that will grow with your child over the years.

The Vanishing Lake: Meara's granddad lives beside Lake Loughareema in Ireland... a lake that vanishes with no explanation! Based on a very true vanishing lake, this gorgeously-illustrated story prompts us to consider the possible, the impossible, and if we only believe what we can see. Plus, there's a pet otter named Cara!

Room for Everyone: Transport your kids to the island of Zanzibar in this stunningly-illustrated story about community, told in bouncy and engaging rhyme. Full of love and goats and tropical fruits, kids will dream of riding in their own daladalas on the way to the beaches of the Indian Ocean!