A Trio of Animal Favorites Gift Bag


We have rounded up some of our favorite bedtime stories and popped them into our dreamy Lion & Dragonfly bags so they make amazing portable gifts for the little readers in your life!

Each story in this collection must pass the MB Standard: Rooted in heart and emotion, rich in diversity and experience, full of vivid colors, beautiful illustrations, and thoughtful, engaging stories.  Oh, and they're great fun!

MB combines her years of knowledge with up-to-date research so you can be assured these books are among the most recent treasures for little ones. 

Mina: All-caps brilliant. Everything about this book is unexpected. Mina is a mouse whose father brings home... a cat? Doesn't that seem like a bad idea? Only time will tell, with truly gorgeous illustrations along the way!

Lottie and Walter: Lottie is convinced beyond all doubt that a shark lurks in her neighborhood swimming pool, until she befriends a singing walrus named Walter who helps her face her fears! Kids will adore this sweet, delightfully-illustrated story about unlikely friends who are there for us when we need them.

Jeff Goes Wild! An intrepid kitty named Jeff imagines himself as a ferocious tiger in the jungle where he can be free from the rules of indoors.  This adorable story might inspire children to dream big, be a little wild… and appreciate themselves for who they are.