Who are we?

We curate thoughtful & diverse children’s picture book collections.  For each collection sold, we donate a book to a classroom teacher in an underfunded school.

Why Lion and Dragonfly?

The Lion is inspired by The Library Lion, a “new” (2007) classic picture book.  It completely captivates kids reading after reading. It gently muses that sometimes breaking the rules is a good thing.  

Dragonflies have recently become MB's “spirit animal.”  She likes to think they teach us to love life, to rejoice and have faith even amidst difficulties.  In addition, Dragonflies have wings and can transport stories from the library to children who may not have access to those stories. 

Why picture books? 

We think picture books are the best possible gift you can give to young children. They’re beautiful and last forever.  They give parents the opportunity to bond with children during story time, creating life-long memories. They build vocabulary and comprehension.  And they’re FUN!

Fun Fact: MB still has the copy of Where the Wild Things Are that her brother gave her 28 years ago when her daughter was born.

Are the books hardback or paperback?

Because these books are designed as gifts, we only offer hardback books.

Will you ever offer Chapter Books or Middle Grade Books or Board Books?

We love books for every age and stage, but we wanted to start our effort quite small.  Picture books seemed the best place to begin.  We may consider chapter books, middle grade books, and board books as we expand.  Let us know what you would like!

What are your subscription options?

Subscription options are available for 3, 6 or 12 month.  You can find details on our Subscribe page.  

What ages are your boxes for?

The books in each box delight readers of all ages but are especially well-suited for children ages 3-8.

How do you choose the books?

We curate our book boxes to include thoughtfully considered books guaranteed to delight and engage young readers.  We seek to offer mirrors into children’s lives and windows to experiences in the world around them.  We will offer books by established and emerging authors and illustrators reflecting the diverse world in which we live. 

As we curate these collections, we bring years of experience and consider the following: 

  • Will the books delight and engage children and their families?
  • Do the books represent a diversity of perspectives? 
  • Are the books well-written and beautifully illustrated?
  • Will the books inspire a joy of reading?
  • Do these books collections include emerging authors and illustrators?

  • Are your materials recyclable?

    Yes! Our box and packaging materials are completely recyclable.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes!  Rates vary.

    Can I order a box or subscription as a gift?

    Of course!  When checking out, enter the gift recipient's residence as the shipping address.  Let us know if you would like us to gift wrap the books, or perhaps package them in a tote-bag. If you'd like us to include a handwritten note, leave us a message in the notes section and we’ll enclose a lovely note!

    If I order a subscription, when will my first box ship?

    Subscriptions ship between the 1st and 3rd of each new month (we won’t ship on weekends).

    All new subscriptions ship out the month following sign up. That means if you sign up for a box on August 4th, your first delivery will be early September. 

    One-time product orders ship within one business day of purchase.

    What is your return policy?

    We can only accept returns of books that arrived damaged.  In such a case, we would be happy to replace the damaged books.

    We would suggest that if you find you already have a copy of the book you receive, consider gifting it to someone else in your world.  This might be your local elementary school or your child's classmate for a birthday party.

    Where can I send returns to?

    Please send returns to:

    Lion & Dragonfly Book Collections

    6659 Tennyson Drive

    McLean, VA 22101