Family Adventures - Collection of 3


A celebration of families of all shapes and sizes! Widen your child’s perspective with beautiful stories of parents and grandparents and the love of family that unites us all. 

Brick by Brick: Our hero Luis tells us all about his Papi, a bricklayer, in this stunningly-illustrated celebration of hard work and a family's dreams for the future.

When Grandpa Gives You a Toolbox: Our hero is less than enthused when his grandpa gives him a toolbox for his birthday, until inspiration strikes! Kids will adore this sweet and beautifully-illustrated story about how the best gifts are experiences with the people we love. 

There’s A Tiger in the Garden: A skeptical girl and her toy giraffe get lost in a jungly wonderland in her grandma's backyard, where she encounters giant dragonflies, a fishing polar bear, and, of course, a friendly tiger. Complete with resplendent illustrations inspired by impressionist painter Henri Rousseau, kids will be entranced by this beautiful story about the power of imagination.