MB Reads "Grown-Up" Books too!

MB Reads "Grown-Up" Books too!

MB Reads "Grown-Up" Books too!

Hello Dear Lion & Dragonfly Community!

First, thank you from the bottom of my toes for taking the time to answer our survey!  Your response felt like a huge hug of positive vibes... and you had so very many great ideas. 

I've heard your input, my friends, and have already added a selection of board books and the ability to order some of our favorite single titles.  We'll be rolling out lots of new book collections and read-aloud tips and other fabulous things over the next few weeks and months - we can't wait to share them with you! 

Fun fact: I actually read lots of books for grown-ups when I'm not reading books for kiddos.  I've shared some of my 2021 faves with you below.


And like everyone else, I'm looking forward to COVID numbers to come down a little so I can deliver books in person to several local schools - thanks to your support we have a towering stack of well over 100 books (and counting!) to share after a fantastic holiday season.  

Just keep reading!



PS: Can I just take another moment to share one of my favorite survey comments? 

“The whole opening was an experience. My kids were all so excited and felt so special opening the package, from the wrapping to the crinkly paper to the handwritten thank you note. It made reading the books even more exciting, and they often refer to receiving the package when we open one of the books to read.”

Made my day!


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