It's Friday - 7

It's Friday - 7

It's Friday - 7

Hello Friends!

We had so much fun unveiling our summer reading list earlier this week, and have been delighted with the response!  We actually ran out of the "Let's Go Swimming" collection.  Never fear - resupplies are on the way! 

We dropped off a big selection of books at one of our partner schools earlier this week.  The librarian was thrilled and sent us a thank you note saying: "Thank you so much! The books are gorgeous and just what we needed to energize our reading in these last weeks of the school year!"

Feedback like that inspired us to do a bit of goal setting.  We would love to sell enough of our fabulous collections to be able to donate 500 books this summer.  (If you're going to dream, why not dream big?).   

Help us to spread the word!  

And now I'm sharing a few of my favorite intriguing, bookish, and otherwise delicious Internet finds from the week.  Hoping you find a little something in the mix that brings you joy:

I had the chance to meet the author/illustrator Oge Mora at a School Library Journal event, and have been a huge fan of her work every since, I love this interview with her on the Art of the Picture Book. (such a fantastic blog!)

Oy, I'm constantly trying to figure out how to be more productive.  I do about half of these things, (early riser - check!) but hey, it's good to have goals.  I think I need to "eat the frog first" more often...

As many of you know, I have an insatiable appetite for cookbooks - My children know this about me, bought me a copy of A Table, which is my current obsession.

Also thrilled with the news that Deb at Smitten Kitchen is coming out with a new title!

Enjoy your weekend friends!  And just keep reading!





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