It's Friday! 3

It's Friday! 3

It's Friday! 3

Happy Friday Friends!

The last week of the month has become my favorite, as I get to select and pack up the latest in dreamy picture books to send off to my subscribers.  It's becoming quite and assembly line!  It brings me so much joy to select books that I think will be just right for the little readers on my subscription list.  

This lovely spike in subscriptions has helped consistently fund my ability to send books to teachers and students in underfunded communities - so thank you to all my subscribers!

We offer a range of subscription options starting at $19 a month - it's a great way to spread a bit of bookish joy to the little people in your life on a regular schedule.  Explore our offerings today!

And now, over to a few vaguely bookish and generally delightful things that have captured my imagination on the Internet this week:

It seems I'm the last person on the Wordle and Quordle bandwagons.  Have you all heard of these games? I'm obsessed - what a great way to begin the day!

The crew at grOH playrooms constantly brighten my Instagram feed.  I adore their wildly colorful playrooms.  I wonder if they would design my Lion & Dragonfly office space? 

Just discovered the lovely newsletter: the examined family.  Enchanted by this piece that begins with a reflection on Kate DiCamillo's Flora & Ulysses: Do not hope; instead observe.

My latest binge: Around the World in 80 Days.  Adored it.  Watch it, then let's chat. It's inspiring some serious post-COVID travel in my world.  

Calvin & Hobbes never fails to charm.  Love Bill Watterson's advice on Life & Creative Integrity.

Have you discovered Three Littles?  Elizabeth offers an exquisitely curated selection of children's playthings and toys. Love this Bapron!

How yummy is this sweater (jumper)?!  

And if you're feeling like baking your way into the weekend, might I suggest you get your hands on a copy of this book?  I've been following Rebecca's baking for years and am a huge fan.

Happy Weekend friends!





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