16 Perfect Bedtime Stories to Give as Baby Shower Gifts

16 Perfect Bedtime Stories to Give as Baby Shower Gifts

16 Perfect Bedtime Stories to Give as Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for a great selection of picture books to give at your next baby shower?  Look no further than Lion & Dragonfly Book Collections!  

As a long-time school librarian, I delight in finding the most extraordinary - and adorable - books to make perfect gifts!   We wrap them up with love in our specially designed packaging, and mail them anywhere in the country!

And the best part? When you buy a book from Lion & Dragonfly, you are giving back.  For every five books we sell, we donate one to a teacher working in an underfunded community.

Enjoy this list of a few of my current favorite board books, friends!


1. Sweetest Kulu

New baby Kulu is visited by Arctic creatures great and small, from beluga whales to caribou, in this beautiful Inuit story about respecting animals and learning from nature. Part of our Dreamy Bedtime Story Collection.


2. Time for Bed, Old House

Isaac loves spending time at Grandpop’s house, but is he brave enough for a sleepover?  Clever Grandpop has the just the right idea - to ease fears, they work together to put the cozy, creaky old house to bed first. Beautiful watercolors anchor this charming and nostalgic story. Available as a single book.


3. Everybody in the Red Brick Building

 A chain reaction of noises wakes up several children (and a cat) living in a city apartment building. But it’s late in the night, so despite the disturbances, one by one, the building’s inhabitants drift off to sleep. Lush collages in jewel tones and a riot of onomatopoeia make it a delightful read aloud. Available as a single book.


4. You Belong Here

Just as the frogs belong in the lilypond and the whales belong in the sea, your little ones belong right there with you! Gorgeously rendered through rhyme and award-winning illustrations, kids will nestle up as you read them this classic bedtime story about feeling safe and loved. Part of our Dreamy Bedtime Story Collection.


5. I'll Meet You in Your Dreams

Kids will marvel at the gorgeous illustrations in this beautiful story about the unbreakable bond between parent and child through space and time. Warning: Parents may cry a single tear. Part of our Sweet Dreams Collection.


6. Welcome Flower Child

We adore this rhyming enchanted garden, which introduces flowers of the month and explores the ever-changing world of nature.  Part of our Dreamy Bedtime Story Collection.


7. Ocean Lullaby

 "Tide pools catch the moonlight's glow, Stars above, sea stars below." Share the soft sounds of the ocean to lull your little one to sleep, from dozing whales, to gliding rays, to octopus dreaming in this beautifully-illustrated rhyming lullaby. Part of our Dreamy Bedtime Story Collection.


8. Welcome to Your World

With lyrical language and stunning illustrations about the bond between animal babies and their parents around the world, this story is a perfect choice for new parents. Available as a single book.


9. Woodland Dreams

The perfect last story before bedtime! Say goodnight to all your favorite woodland creatures, in simple and elegant poems, as everyone in the forest prepares for bed in this stunning celebration of natural beauty and the circle of life. Part of our Dreamy Bedtime Story Collection.


10. The Nice Dream Truck

Sample sweet dreams of all kinds aboard the Nice Dream Truck, powered by moonbeams and full of magical sprinkles. Reminding kids there are as many ways to dream as ice cream flavors to try, this is sure to be a new bedtime classic. Part of our Sweet Dreams Collection.


11. Tomorrow Most Likely

A captivating story about finding the beauty in the ordinary, embracing uncertainty, and reminding children they make the world a more special place. Part of our Sweet Dreams Collection.


12. Rain Before Rainbows
Three words: drop dead gorgeous. Watch your child’s eyes widen as you turn the pages of this stunningly illustrated story about overcoming adversity and keeping the faith.  Part of our Sweet Dreams Collection.

13. Stay This Way Forever
 A love letter to the little ones in your life.  A rhyming delight, this beautifully illustrated book lets little ones know just how loved they are.  Available as a single book. 
14. Crocodiles Need Kisses Too! 
Fun-to-read-aloud, rhyming text describes prickly porcupines, roaring tigers, and slithery snakes--not the most cuddly creatures, but still worthy of hugs and snuggles from their mamas! Available as a single book.
15. 100 Things that Make Me Happy
It’s like Julie Andrews singing you “My Favorite Things”--as a book! Your child will be lulled off to sweet dreams by a lovely list of the world’s most wonderful things, from chocolate chips to camping trips, and mermaids to lemonade! Available as a part of this duo.
16. Venetian Lullaby
Cultivate your child’s wanderlust with this beautifully illustrated book. Drift through the canals on a gondola as this story transports you and your child to Venice, floating amidst St. Mark’s lions, Venetian masks, and dragonflies flying through a starry night sky.   Part of our Sweet Dreams Collection.

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