20 Great Girl-Power Picture Books for Women's History Month!

20 Great Girl-Power Picture Books for Women's History Month!

20 Great Girl-Power Picture Books for Women's History Month!

Girl Power rules at Lion & Dragonfly!  We strive to include stories about spunky girls with unique perspectives in all our collections.  Armed with socket wrenches and paint brushes, ballet slippers and wire whisks, these girls are ready to change the world and hope they inspire your children to do the same!  

Our collections comes beautifully packaged in our signature blue Lion & Dragonfly box to make perfect gifts.  We offer many of our books as singles as well (and if you have a specific request, just let us know!) 

And remember - our books give back! For every five books we sell, we donate one to a superhero teacher working in an underfunded community. 

1. Interstellar Cinderella

Just the best. A fresh, feminist retelling of the classic tale, this Cinderella studies rocketry in the spare time, fixes the prince’s rocket ship, and leaves her socket wrench behind instead of a glass slipper. Spoiler, this book does not end with a royal wedding.  Part of our Princesses and Unicorns Collection

2. Lottie and Walter

Lottie is convinced beyond all doubt that a shark lurks in her neighborhood swimming pool, until she befriends a singing walrus named Walter who helps her face her fears! Kids will adore this sweet, delightfully-illustrated story about unlikely friends who are there for us when we need them. Part of our Lions and Gruffalos and Bears, Oh My! Collection.


3. Bisa's Carnaval

Come one, come all to Carnaval! Take your child on a colorful journey to Brazil as Clara and her great-grandmother get ready for everyone's favorite holiday. Full of fantasia costumes, parades, and celebration, kids will heed the reminder that these joyous occasions are best spent with the people we love.  Part of our World of Wonders Collection.

4. Boxitects: 

Meg is a brilliant boxitect who earns praise from her teachers and classmates for her box-based architectural marvels. But when Meg is paired with Simone, a rival boxitect, for the boxitect challenge, they learn how to work together to lift each other up in this adorably illustrated story.  Part of our Dreamers and Creators Collection.

5. Pocketful of Colors: 

Kids will marvel at the inspiring true story of Mary Blair, one of the first female artists hired by Walt Disney Studios, who pioneered the use of color in animation, advertising, and amusement park rides. It's feminism meets all the colors of the rainbow!  Part of our Dresses and Daydreams Collection

6. Little Audrey's Daydream: 

 For your tiny My Fair Lady in training! Kids will be mesmerized by this gorgeously illustrated biographical picture book about the life of acclaimed actress, style icon, and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. Cue up Moon River and enjoy! Part of our Dresses and Daydreams Collection

7. The Collectors:

Get your binoculars and nature journals ready! Rosie and Winslow set off into the woods in search of one last amazing treasure to complete their collection of natural wonders. When things don't go exactly as they hope, the girls learn to define success in a new way in this beautiful story about appreciating the world around us, and the people we explore it with!  Available as a single book


8. Maybe Something Beautiful:  

Mira shares her artistic talents with her community, gradually transforming her gray city into something beautiful with the help of friends and family. Kids will be inspired to pick up their own paintbrushes in this beautifully illustrated story about the power of art to bring joy. Available as a single book.

9. The Dress and the Girl:

 A little girl and her favorite dress are separated when she and her family emigrate to the United States, until a chance meeting brings them back together in an unexpected way. Kids will love this timeless, elegant story of the immigrant experience and the new lives we create far from home. Part of our Dresses and Daydreams Collection

10. The Girl and the Dinosaur:

Simply put, this book is enchanting. In a picturesque town by the seaside, Marianne wishes for her dinosaur to come to life, beginning a thrilling journey through ocean and forests and sky to a land of children and the creatures they dream of. It’s paleontology meets Peter Pan!  Part of our Dinosaur Delights Collection.

11. Song of Frutas: 

This book is a glorious hug made of words. Our heroine shares memories of the days she spends with her abuelo in the markets of Havana amidst glorious music and delicious food in this joyfully illustrated story. Part of our Grandfather Love Collection.

12. Every Night is Pizza Night: 

One girl sets out to prove that pizza is the best food in the world by sampling every other delicious food her diverse neighborhood has to offer. It’s pizza meets the scientific method! Yum! Part of our Food Glorious Food Collection.

13. Off and Away: 

When Jo’s dad comes down with a cold, she takes it upon herself to make his sea deliveries. Fans of Moana will love this charming story about facing your fears and, maybe, discovering they aren’t quite so fearsome after all. Bonus points for well-placed sea puns. Part of our Under the Sea Collection.

14. Swashby and the Sea: 

Curmudgeonly Mr. Swashby’s life is turned upside down when his serene beach is invaded by a bubbly girl and her granny in this adorable story about embracing change and saying yes to new friends. Part of our Under the Sea Collection.

15. Alma and How She Got Her Name:  

A little girl--Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela--learns about the family members who inspired her name in this beautiful dedication to family, legacy, and the paths we chart for ourselves. Available as an individual book

16. A Way with Wild Things:

Poppy feels perfectly at home in her garden among the flowers and dragonflies, but rather out of her element in large groups. Featuring quirky and engaging illustrations, kids will love this thought-provoking story about the quieter traits--patience, empathy, and wonder--that we too often overlook. Part of our Dreamers and Creators Collection.


17. Not All Princesses Dress in Pink: 


Princesses play sports and get muddy and use power tools and fight evil sorcerers, all while wearing sparkly crowns, in this modern classic of female empowerment. Part of our Princesses and Unicorns Collection

18. City Girls: 

Sixteen little girls in two straight lines head out for a day in the city, taking in art museums and parks and all of the wonders of urban life. Kids will love this charming modern take on the bedtime classic Madeline. Available as a single book.

 19. Kalamata's Kitchen: 

Kalamata is nervous to start at a new school, until her mama whips up a dish that transports her back to the spice market in India, finding scents and smells to make her feel brave! A celebration of South Asian food and culture, this book will inspire your kids to become daring food adventurers and fill their own spice racks with turmeric and cumin and curry leaves.  Part of our More Glorious Food Collection.

20. Rebel Girls:


The New York Times bestselling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series are packed with 100 bedtime stories about the lives of extraordinary women from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world.  We love that these books transform each biography into a fairytale, filling readers with wonder and a curiosity to learn more about each hero.  Available as a duo.

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