15 Best Books for Hiking and the Great Outdoors

15 Best Books for Hiking and the Great Outdoors

15 Best Books for Hiking and the Great Outdoors

Let your sense of wonder and creativity run free with these different stories about hiking and the great outdoors! 

1. Hike 

This is a wordless wonder.  The story follows a father and son as they embark on an all-day adventure in the great outdoors.  Be sure to look for the tiny details hidden in the exquisite watercolor illustrations.  A sunny celebration of family, perseverance, and the outdoor world (part of our Hiking Adventures collection!).

2. The Night Walk

A family steps outside into a beautiful summer night. The world is quiet and shadowy, filled with fresh smells and amazing sights. Is this what they miss when they're asleep?  Together, they walk out of their sleeping village. What will they find in the dark landscape?  This beautiful and evocative book movingly recalls family trips and the excitement of unknown adventure, while celebrating the awe-inspiring joy of the natural world (part of our Hiking Adventures collection!).

3. Outside In 

We adore this mesmerizing love-letter to nature.  Lovely, expressionistic art and poetic prose invite readers to contemplate nature’s mystique and its role in everyday life (part of our Hiking Adventures collection!).

4. A Way with Wild Things 

Poppy feels perfectly at home in her garden among the flowers and dragonflies, but rather out of her element in large groups. Featuring quirky and engaging illustrations, kids will love this thought-provoking story about the quieter traits--patience, empathy, and wonder--that we too often overlook (part of our "The Creative Type" collection!). 

5. Wonder Walkers 

This book is quite simply magical. Two curious kids embark on a "wonder walk," as they let their imaginations soar and look at the world in a whole new light. They wonder about everything they see: Is the sun the world's light bulb? Is dirt the world's skin? Are rivers the earth's veins? Is the wind the world breathing? I wonder . . . Young readers will wonder too, as they ponder these gorgeous pages and make all kinds of new connections (part of our "Summer Adventures!" collection!).

6. The Leaf Detective 

This gorgeously-illustrated book introduces readers to Margaret Lowman, a pioneering rainforest scientist. From her childhood in New York to the rainforests of Australia and Africa, kids will marvel at Meg's passion and perseverance to protect and preserve the world's rainforest habitats (part of our "Inspiring Picture Biographies" collection!).

7. Rain!

Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person? In this endearing story, a little boy and an older gentleman have divergent reactions to a very rainy day. Kids will adore this story about helping people find joy, even on a soggy day! (Part of our "Spring Board Books" collection).

8. The Boy Whose Head was Filled with Stars

How many stars are in the sky? How did the universe begin? And where it did come from? Follow the incredible story of Edwin Hubble, master astronomer and namesake of the Hubble Space Telescope, from his childhood in Missouri to his incredible discoveries in astronomy and cosmology (part of our "Inspiring Picture Biographies" collection!).

9. Planting a Rainbow 

Calling all floriculturists! Kids will be inspired to plant their own flower gardens after reading this beautifully-illustrated story, resplendent with blue hyacinth, orange tiger lilies, and purple pansies (part of our "Spring Board Books" collection!).

10. Alexander Von Humboldt, Explorer, Naturalist, and Environmental Pioneer

Your child will be captivated by this story of the father of modern ecology. Whether sailing across the ocean, hiking through the jungle, or climbing the highest volcanic peaks, everywhere Alexander went, he observed the land, animals, and culture. And where others saw differences, Alexander spotted connections (part of our "Inspiring Picture Biographies" collection!).

11. Off and Away 

When Jo’s dad comes down with a cold, she takes it upon herself to make his sea deliveries. Fans of Moana will love this charming story about facing your fears and, maybe, discovering they aren’t quite so fearsome after all. Bonus points for well-placed sea puns (part of our "Ocean Fun" collection!).

12. The Hiking Viking 

While the other Vikings love to holler and howl and battle and brawl, Leif prefers spending time by himself atop the beautiful fjord. But when it's time for the Viking Games, everyone must participate. Will Leif let down his clan . . . or surprise them? Highlighting the value of nature and earthly wonders, this adorable book (part of our Hiking Adventures collection!).

13. Rosie the Truffle Hound 

In this charming and quirky story, our indomitable bike-riding, scent-loving hero introduces readers to the joys of both kinds of truffles - chocolate and  fungi. Children will delight in discovering loads of fun details tucked into the whimsical drawings (part of our "Laugh Out Loud Fun!" collection). 

14. We're Going on a Bear Hunt 

Will you come too? Join a father and his four young children as they cross a field of tall, wavy grass, wade through a deep, cold river, struggle through swampy mud, find their way through a big, dark forest, fight through a whirling snowstorm, and enter finally enter a narrow, gloomy cave. What will they find there? You’ll have to read on to find out! (Part of our "Bisons and Bears Board Books Trio"). 

15. Where the Wild Things Are 

The first book MB's children received - before they were born - and we still have it 29 years later!  In this iconic story, when Max dresses in his wolf suit and causes havoc in the house, his mother sends him to bed. From there, Max sets sail to an island inhabited by the Wild Things, who name him king and share a wild rumpus with him. But then from far away across the world, Max smells good things to eat... (part of our "Bedtime Classics 1" collection!). 



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