13 Hilarious Picture Books!

13 Hilarious Picture Books!

13 Hilarious Picture Books!

We've gathered a dozen of our zaniest laugh-out-loud picture books. These hilarious tales of llama spies, runaway peas, roosters in skinny jeans and more will delight the most reluctant of readers - and their parents! 

1. Agent Llama

Miss Charlie Palmer, awesome spy and fluffy llama, reporting for duty! Full of rhymes and gadgets and twists and turns, kids will love this hysterical story of a spy llama who is charged with retrieving the Prime Minister's stolen banana underpants. (available as part of our Laugh-Out-Loud Fun Collection)

2. Little Fox and the Wild Imagination

Little Fox and the Wild Imagination

This is the story of Little Fox and one VERY BIG imagination.  It is a tale of bath time, and bedtime, and the battle in between, involving race cars and rockets ships and food trucks. It’s riotous fun, and sure to delight children and parents alike. (available as part of our Things that Go Collection)

3. Your Birthday was the Best

Your Birthday Was the Best!

Not all guests are welcome at a birthday party... especially not the insect variety! Kids will love this hugely entertaining tale about an adorable cockroach who falls asleep on a birthday cake, gets sucked into a vacuum cleaner, and lives to tell the tale! (available as part of our Laugh-Out-Loud Fun Collection)

4. The Pirates Next Door

The Pirates Next Door

Matilda is overjoyed when the Jolley-Rogers, a pirate family, move in next door--but not everyone is so thrilled in their sleepy seaside town! Kids will love this rhyming story, full of pirate vocabulary and puns, about the power of tolerance. (Available as part of our Pirates and Sailing Ships Collection)

5. The Very True Story of the Mongolian Death Worms

Legend has it that deep in the Gobi Desert live giant poisonous worms with razor sharp teeth and blood-red skin. All the animals are terrified of these creatures, but this charming death worm family (Beverly, Trevor, Neville and Kevin) is determined to change hearts and minds.  Zany and hilarious. (available as part of our Laugh-Out-Loud Fun Collection)

6. Landshark

Land Shark

Wildly entertaining, witty, and brilliant. Bobby wants a shark for his birthday, and is very disappointed when his parents bring home a puppy instead. Even though the dog is destructive like a shark, and can swim like a shark, Bobby insists that shark-lovers cannot be converted to dog-lovers... or can they? (Part of our Story Time Dogs Collection)

7. I Don't Want to Read this Book

I Don't Want to Read this Book

Utterly brilliant. A sassy, reluctant reader questions the utility of words, sentences, and paragraphs, while dreaming of eating cake and watching Youtube, in this wonderful book written by Max Greenfield (also known as Schmidt from New Girl). (available as part of our Laugh-Out-Loud Fun Collection)

8. Runaway Pea

The Runaway Pea

A rogue and adventurous pea bounces from a dinner plate to face mortal dangers in the kitchen, from toasters to irons, until he finds his way to the recycling heap where a new life awaits him! Kids will adore this rhyming and hysterical book–and may even want to plant a pea plant afterwards! (Part of our More Glorious Food Collection)

9. Rosie the Truffle Hound

Rosie the Truffle Hound

In this charming and quirky story, our indomitable bike-riding, scent-loving hero introduces readers to the joys of both kinds of truffles - chocolate and  fungi. Children will delight in discovering loads of fun details tucked into the whimsical drawings. (available as part of our Laugh-Out-Loud Fun Collection)

10. Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

A rooster with a daring sense of style defies societal censure when his shows off his fabulous skinny jeans to his farmyard friends.  A rhyming delight that is sure to brighten any story time.  (available as part of this duo.)

11. I Really Want The Cake

I Really Want the Cake

Our heroine is tempted by an off-limits cake (spoiler alert: she succumbs to said temptation) in this charming and sassy tale. (available as part of our Food Glorious Food Collection)

12. The Cook and the King

The Cook and the King

 Fancy some fish and chips? A hard-to-please king and a rather wimpy cook discover that the best meals are the ones you make yourselves in this hilarious story. (available as part of the Knights and Dragons Collection)

13. Gladys the Magic Chicken

Gladys the Magic Chicken

Blending a classic storybook feel with a thoroughly modern sense of humor, this is side-splitting read aloud about an irresistible - and quite possibly magical - chicken.  The misadventures of Gladys, wandering about ancient time bringing good fortune to all she meets, is perfect for anyone who wishes to see magic in the world. (available as part of this duo.)

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