13 Picture Books that Take You Around the World!

13 Picture Books that Take You Around the World!

13 Picture Books that Take You Around the World!

Picture books have a magical ability to transport you around the world. Here are a few of our current favorites extraordinary books for your little armchair travelers!

We are One: How the World Adds Up: Math meets philosophy as numbers are seen through a unique and thought provoking lens. Textured and whimsical, this is the sort of layered book that will grow with your child over the years. (Part of our World of Wonders Collection!)

Plume: We have fallen in love with the singular adventurous Plume, a little penguin with serious wanderlust.  In this brilliantly illustrated story, we follow our bookish friend as he explores the world beyond his Antarctic home. Touching on diversity, friendship, acceptance and understanding, this book is sure to be a treasured addition to your library. (Part of our Penguins and Snow Days and Tiny Yaks Collection!)


 My First Day: Set on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, this stunningly illustrated story tells the story of a little boy’s first solo journey to the first day of school—in his own little boat! Kids will marvel at the waves and rainforests and schools of colorful fish, while musing that we always have more to learn.  (Part of our World of Wonders Collection!)


Kalamata’s Kitchen: Kalamata is nervous to start at a new school, until her mama whips up a dish that transports her back to the spice market in India, finding scents and smells to make her feel brave! A celebration of South Asian food and culture, this book will inspire your kids to become daring food adventurers and fill their own spice racks with turmeric and cumin and curry leaves. (Part of our Food Glorious Food 2 Collection!)

The Vanishing Lake: Meara's granddad lives beside Lake Loughareema in Ireland... a lake that vanishes with no explanation! Based on a very true vanishing lake, this gorgeously-illustrated story prompts us to consider the possible, the impossible, and if we only believe what we can see. Plus, there's a pet otter named Cara!  (Part of our World of Wonders Collection!)

Song of Frutas: This book is a glorious hug made of words. Our heroine shares memories of the days she spends with her abuelo in the markets of Havana amidst glorious music and delicious food in this joyfully illustrated story. (Part of our Food Glorious Food 2 Collection!)

Room for Everyone: Transport your kids to the island of Zanzibar in this stunningly-illustrated story about community, told in bouncy and engaging rhyme. Full of love and goats and tropical fruits, kids will dream of riding in their own daladalas on the way to the beaches of the Indian Ocean!  (Part of our World of Wonders Collection!)

Sweetest Kulu: New baby Kulu is visited by Arctic creatures great and small, from beluga whales to caribou, in this beautiful Inuit story about respecting animals and learning from nature.  (Part of our Sweet Dreams from the Natural World collection!)

Bisa's Carnaval: Come one, come all to Carnaval! Take your child on a colorful journey to Brazil as Clara and her great-grandmother get ready for everyone's favorite holiday. Full of fantasia costumes, parades, and celebration, kids will heed the reminder that these joyous occasions are best spent with the people we love.  (Part of our "Grandmother Love" Collection!)

Henri's Hats: Henri isn't terribly enthused to be visiting his grandfather outside Paris, until he discovers a trunk full of his grandfather's hats in the attic, each with a story behind it! Gorgeously illustrated by a Pixar Animation Studios artist, kids will adore this heartwarming story about the bonds between generations and spirit of adventure! (Part of our Grandfather Love Collection)


The Pink Umbrella - Adele runs a small cafe on the coast of France and is the heart of her little town, but always feels rather down when it rains--that is, until a series of mysterious gifts appear! With all of the charm of a romantic comedy, you and your kids will love this sweet story about generosity, love, and the power of pink polka dots to turn sadness into joy. (Part of our Dresses and Daydreams collection)

Everything and Everywhere:  From Hong Kong to Reykjavík, Ulaanbaatar to New York City, enjoy a lush and unexpected journey around the world to discover what makes each place unique. Sleepy sloths, colorful cows, staggering skylines, terrible traffic—countless surprises await! All you need is a good guide and a little curiosity . . . so, what are you waiting for?  (sold individually)

If You Come to Earth: Written as a guidebook for a extraterrestrial visitor, this lovely book explains what they can expect to find on our beautiful and complicated planet: homes and schools and animals and music and colors and language. Full of homages to favorite classic picture books and real children around the world, this is sure to be a new family favorite. (sold individually)


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