10 Perfect Bedtime Stories

10 Perfect Bedtime Stories

10 Perfect Bedtime Stories

Looking to update your beloved classic bedtime choices like Goodnight Moon or Goodnight Gorilla?  While we adore the classics, we love to share more recently published treasures. I present to you a list of ten of our favorite "new classics": dreamy bedtime stories that will calm your little ones down after a long day and lull them off to sleep:

1. Crocodiles Need Kisses Too

Crocodiles Need Kisses Too
Fun-to-read-aloud, rhyming text describes prickly porcupines, roaring tigers, and slithery snakes--not the most cuddly creatures, but still worthy of hugs and snuggles from their mamas!  Available as a single book.

2. Rain Before Rainbows

Rain Before Rainbows
Three words: drop dead gorgeous. Watch your child’s eyes widen as you turn the pages of this stunningly illustrated story about overcoming adversity and keeping the faith. Part of our Sweet Dreams collection. 

3. Everybody in the Red Brick Building

Everybody in the Red Brick Building Oge Mora
A delightful picture book about an apartment building and the dynamic city sounds that wake its dwellers up—until soothing city sounds lull them back to sleep. Available as a single book. Available as a single book.

4. Nice Dream Truck

Nice Dream Truck Beth Ferry
Sample sweet dreams of all kinds aboard the Nice Dream Truck, powered by moonbeams and full of magical sprinkles. Reminding kids there are as many ways to dream as ice cream flavors to try, this is sure to be a new bedtime classic.  Part of our Sweet Dreams collection.

5. I'll Meet You in Your Dreams

I'll Meet You in Your Dreams
Kids will marvel at the gorgeous illustrations in this beautiful story about the unbreakable bond between parent and child through space and time. Warning: Parents may cry a single tear.  Part of our Sweet Dreams collection.

6. Food Truck Fest

Falafel and waffles and kimchi tacos, oh my! Your kid’s mouth will be watering during their visit to the Food Truck Fest!  Part of our Food Glorious Food Collection.

7. If I Had a Sleepy Sloth

Our heroine considers the ins and outs of having a slow, sleepy, moss-covered sloth as a pet, with lots of time hanging from jungle gyms and very carefully crossing the street. Kids will love learning all kinds of facts about this beloved animal, part of the wildly popular "If I Had A..." series.  Part of our If I Had a... collection.

8. We Are One

Math meets philosophy as numbers are seen through a unique and thought provoking lens. Textured and whimsical, this is the sort of layered book that will grow with your child over the years. Part of our World of Wonders Collection.

9. Time for Bed, Old House

Time for Bed Old House
Isaac loves spending time at Grandpop’s house, but is he brave enough for a sleepover? Clever Grandpop has the just the right idea - to ease fears, they work together to put the cozy, creaky old house to bed first. Beautiful watercolors anchor this charming and nostalgic story. Available as a single book.

10. Woodland Dreams

Woodland Dreams
The perfect last story before bedtime! Say goodnight to all your favorite woodland creatures, in simple and elegant poems, as everyone in the forest prepares for bed in this stunning celebration of natural beauty and the circle of life. Part of our Dreamy Bedtime Stories collection.

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