10 Great Picture Books for Father's Day!!

10 Great Picture Books for Father's Day!!

10 Great Picture Books for Father's Day!!

In honor of Father's Day, we've rounded up some of our favorite stories featuring dads and the love they bring! 

1. Bailey and Blanket 

What happens when your best friend in the entire world - a cozy blanket - goes missing? Dad to the rescue with an imaginative plan that shows love is the best security blanket.   Lyrical text and gorgeous illustrations - Absolutely charming (part of our "Friendship!" collection).

2. Little Fox and the Wild Imagination 

This is the story of Little Fox and one VERY BIG imagination.  It is a tale of bath time, and bedtime, and the battle in between, involving race cars and rockets ships and food trucks. It’s riotous fun, and sure to delight children and parents alike (part of our "Things that Go!" collection).

3. Rafa Counts on Papa

Rafa and his papá love to count and measure together. They know how many branches they climb to their favorite spot, they know how high their dog Euclid can jump, and they know how far they can run. But there’s one thing Rafa can't count or measure because it is infinite: the love that he and his papá share (part of our "Summer Joy Close to Home" collection!).

4. Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers 

In this magical, fantastical story, Loujain dreams of flying to a field of millions of sunflowers, but in her country only boys are allowed to fly.  Loujain's dear father helps her realize her dream. Inspired by the true story of Loujain Al-Hathloul who fought to change the laws of Saudi Arabia that made it illegal for women to drive, kids will want to climb into this stunning story of finding your power and fighting for change (part of our "Stories Pulled from World Headlines - Summer 2022" collection!).

5. Dad and the Dinosaurs 

It can be hard to admit when we’re scared. Your child will love this heartwarming story about how we look up to our dads and how our dads always have our backs. Warning: A single tear may be shed (part of our "Dinosaur Delights" collection!). 

6. Off and Away

When Jo’s dad comes down with a cold, she takes it upon herself to make his sea deliveries. Fans of Moana will love this charming story about facing your fears and, maybe, discovering they aren’t quite so fearsome after all. Bonus points for well-placed sea puns (part of our "Ocean Fun" collection!). 

7. Harriet Gets Carried Away

Harriet loves costumes, and wears them everywhere she goes.  When she dresses in her penguin costume to fetch some birthday party hats with her dads at her local market, she meets a flock of penguins and gets carried away with them to the Arctic.  While she may look like a penguin, she feels the pull to return to the city.   An adorable story about remembering where you belong, no matter how far you roam, or what you’re wearing when you get there (part of our "The Power of Imagination" collection!).

8. Brick by Brick

Our hero Luis tells us all about his Papi, a bricklayer, in this stunningly-illustrated celebration of hard work and a family's dreams for the future (part of our "Family Adventures" collection!).

9. Bathe the Cat 

Bathe the floor? Sweep the dishes? This riotous rhyming romp follows a frantic family as they try to get some chores done before grandma arrives —with no help from the family cat, who keeps scrambling the list of chores using the alphabet letters on the fridge.  Energetic and adorable (part of our "Rhyming Wonders" collection!).

10. The Night Walk  

A family steps outside into a beautiful summer night. The world is quiet and shadowy, filled with fresh smells and amazing sights. Is this what they miss when they're asleep?  Together, they walk out of their sleeping village. What will they find in the dark landscape?  This beautiful and evocative book movingly recalls family trips and the excitement of unknown adventure, while celebrating the awe-inspiring joy of the natural world (part of our "Hiking Adventures" collection!).

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