10 Great Picture Books about Grandmothers!

10 Great Picture Books about Grandmothers!

10 Great Picture Books about Grandmothers!

We Love grandmothers at Lion & Dragonfly! 

These books celebrate grandmothers of all kinds – ones who give odd gifts, ones who live in busy cities, and ones who may be down on their luck. But all of these grandmothers have an important thing in common. They love their grandchildren to the moon and back and help them to see the world in ways they never dreamed!  Enjoy this list of some of our faves! 

When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree: Our heroine is rather underwhelmed when her grandma gives her a lemon tree for her birthday, until she discovers the power of unexpected gifts to bring people together. Kids will love this touching story about how the best gifts are experiences with the people we love. (Part of our "Grandmother Love" Collection!)

Bisa's Carnaval: Come one, come all to Carnaval! Take your child on a colorful journey to Brazil as Clara and her great-grandmother get ready for everyone's favorite holiday. Full of fantasia costumes, parades, and celebration, kids will heed the reminder that these joyous occasions are best spent with the people we love.


Maud & Grand-Maud: In this dreamy story, Maud loves the weekends when she stays at her grandma's house. There's always breakfast for supper, matching nightgowns, black-and-white movies, and--best of all--someone to listen to her dreams for her life as a grown-up. (Part of our "Grandmother Love" Collection!)

A Way with Wild Things:  Poppy feels perfectly at home in her garden among the flowers and dragonflies, but rather out of her element in large groups. Featuring quirky and engaging illustrations, kids will love this thought-provoking story about the quieter traits--patience, empathy, and wonder--that we too often overlook. (Part of our "Creative Sparks" Collection!)

Last Stop on Market Street: CJ and his nana take the city bus to the soup kitchen in this celebration of communities that take care of each other and finding beauty where no one ever thinks to look. (Part of our "Grandmother Love" Collection!)

Swashby and the Sea: Curmudgeonly Mr. Swashby’s life is turned upside down when his serene beach is invaded by a bubbly girl and her granny in this adorable story about embracing change and saying yes to new friends. (Part of our Under the Sea Collection!)

There’s a Tiger in The Garden: A skeptical girl and her toy giraffe get lost in a jungly wonderland in her grandma's backyard, where she encounters giant dragonflies, a fishing polar bear, and, of course, a friendly tiger. Complete with resplendent illustrations inspired by impressionist painter Henri Rousseau, kids will be entranced by this beautiful story about the power of imagination.  (Part of our "Grandmother Love" Collection!)

Margaret's Unicorn: The operative word here is enchanting. Margaret moves with her family to a little cottage in the Scottish highlands, where she finds a lost baby unicorn.  Kids will love this gorgeously illustrated tale about love, new homes, and goodbyes. (Part of our Princesses & Unicorns Collection!)

Nana in the City: When our hero goes to stay with his nana in New York City, he isn't sure he likes the city so much--until his nana shows him how wonderful it is! Kids will love this heartwarming story of finding courage to see things in a new way, full of scenes of Central Park, street musicians, pretzel carts, and beautiful lights. (Part of our "Grandmother Love" Collection!)
Ten Ways to Hear Snow: Lina's grandmother is losing her sight, so after a big snowstorm, Lina takes a walk down the block to check on her. Along the way, she steps into the grandmother's shoes, counting ways to hear, rather than see, snow. Kids will love this story about seeing things from another's perspective, with a delicious dose of Lebanese food. (featured as a single book)
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