With thousands of children’s books out there, let long-time school librarian MB Manion Morell take the guesswork out of choosing the right ones for your child. She uses her years of experience to select engaging books with timeless messages and beautiful illustrations. These books will help your children to discover the joy of reading, explore the world, and create lasting memories.

The best part?

For every five books Lion & Dragonfly sells, they donate a new book to a superhero teacher in an underfunded school.

Mary Beth Morell

Curated Collections

Founder MB Manion Morell, a long-time school librarian, curates gorgeous collections of whimsical, diverse, and kid-tested favorites to bring joy to cozy story times.

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When you sign up for a subscription, you'll receive a surprise selection of curated picture books based upon a theme.

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Bespoke Collections

Bespoke Collections of 3 or 5 Books

Send us a note sharing your child’s interests and age and MB will tap into her librarian superpower to build a bespoke collection for you!

Build a Nursery 20 or 25 Books

The ultimate gift.  MB will curate a collection of books to start your little one on a path to a lifetime of reading. 

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Our Collections Make Amazing Gifts!

"Our daughter is absolutely loving the collection of books that you chose! Each book was perfect, gorgeously illustrated, engaging and not too scary or sad of our very sensitive 4 year old.  They were all wrapped beautifully.  I found them enchanting and I truly appreciated that all of the main characters were BIPOC.  Thank you!"

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Mary Beth Morell

Our Vision

No matter the circumstances, every child deserves access to diverse, world-expanding stories — stories about dinosaurs and sparkly dresses and food trucks and dragons and mermaids and puppies. 

These stories should reflect the world in which they live and give them windows to the world beyond.

We created this company to give every child the opportunity to have access to amazing stories.

Please share our mission to anyone in your world who's looking for great gifts for kids, wants to share the wonder of books with the next generation, and loves the idea of giving back to the community.